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Cake submitted by:

Sophie L.
Petersfield, Hants, UK

snail-cake-02I used a round baking tin to make this snail cake. I made a coil of icing on top of the cake. I then covered it in yellow icing. I made the body. I pressed lots of tiny circles in it and varnished the body with edible varnish for slime effect.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


As a great admirer of Edward Monkton, I decided that there needed to be a story about a SNAIL OF RETRIBUTION. The title was easy – the rest of it was the problem!

Elgar hadn’t always been the SNAIL OF RETRIBUTION although he rather liked the title. It made him feel important having capital letters: rather like UNESCO, STD or MOT. He also rather liked his somewhat cultured name although, had he been told that this was a tribute by his dyslexic parents to their favourite drink, he might have been less proud. His retributive role had been thrust upon him by the Goddess, Helixa following the Great Salt Wars and he devoted his life to wreaking vengeance upon all enemies of the snail world – his slime-green shell a symbol to snails everywhere.

from the blog of chairman bertie…. read more here …snail story and blog

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snails do it or so he says….


take a gander at this… micah cowen has a snail on his blog too…..

A lovely shot from the mostly unnarrated documentary, Microcosmos. A great movie, even without taking the above scene into account. ;-)


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